ProComfort Medical

As a professional healthcare service and equipment provider, ProComfort Medical extend the aptitude to make distinctly specialized healthcare solution for your individual needs. We are not only committed to excellence, but also promise to provide quality healthcare solutions. For years, ProComfort Medical has been known for its happy and hassle-free customer experience.

Pathways to Wellness

Pathways to Wellness strives to be inclusive and connect with patients while providing quality and evidence-based treatment. The practice embraces a holistic approach to treatment, provides education on healthy choices in life that extends beyond medication, and encourages her patients to embrace the multitude of pathways to wellness. The logo embodies paths to wellness in…

Alpert & Alpert

Alpert & Alpert Iron & Metal, Inc. was founded by brothers Herman and Mandel Alpert, who immigrated to the United States in the early 1900′s and worked their way across an “industrializing” America, buying and selling what was once considered “junk.” Their commitment to integrity, quality and reliability continue to be the principles that guide…

Tennessee Valley Corridor

The Tennessee Valley Corridor (TVC) footprint covers ten Congressional Districts in North Alabama, Eastern Kentucky, Western North Carolina, East and Middle Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia and is the home to more than 30 excellent community colleges serving largely rural populations. The logo was updated to reflect a cohesive and consistent brand.